After the release of the Adidas Copa Senseseries of sneakers, the touch and fit concept derived from the new design is really eye-catching. The feet and the football are connected by sneakers, which can gain a more natural touch and ball control smoothly. Don't you want to try such a pair of sneakers? Anyway, the editor couldn't hold back! The latest reviews are brought to you today!

  • Basic Configuration

The Adidas Copa Sense series is the first major change after Adidas innovated Copa at the end of 2018 and launched the modern traditional sneaker Copa 19 (Copa 19 and Copa 20 are almost the same). In terms of design concepts, materials, technology use, etc., the upper and sole have been reshaped. On the new Copa Sense+ FG football shoes, Adidas designers focused on the core concept of “TOUCH” touch, and are committed to creating a pair of sneakers that are related to touch and senses of the feet. Start from the perception of football with your feet, and ultimately better Control the football.



In order to achieve the ultimate touch, the Adidas designer must solve the problem of the fit between the sneaker and the instep firstly, so they used the upgraded Fusionskin upper, and spliced the kangaroo leather material with the Primeknit fabric by hot pressing to achieve almost a seamless upper, playing a "single piece" "Style" material has a sense of wrapping and fit. Compared with the previous two generations, the area of kangaroo leather on this new upper is reduced, and the area of the coated fabric is larger, so that the compatibility of the shoes shape is better, and the fabric will wrap and support the midfoot better and lasting . At the same time, the material and tailoring of the low-top shoe mouth are also specially designed to fit the ankle part, with excellent comfort, extensibility and wrapping.


From the perspective of the design, technology and configuration of the sneakers, the Adidas Copa Sense+ FG football shoes are innovative and bold enough, and they are indeed actively seeking a breakthrough point in the production of football shoes.

  • Feeling of Try on

First of all, start with the size. The size of the Adidas Copa Sense+ FG football shoes is not biased, and will not have the feeling that the previous generation is too large. You can choose your suitable size. Although it is a shoelace-less shoe model, this time Adidas has fully considered foot compatibility. The instep is covered with a large area of fabric to reduce the difficulty of wearing, and it is very friendly to players with high insteps. Many football lovers with high insteps and wide ankles in the previous generation encountered difficulties when "plugging in" and had no choice but to give up. This situation will not appear on the new Adidas Copa Sense+ FG.


  • Important Information


1. The size is not biased, compatible with wide feet and high instep feet;


2. The Adidas soccer cleats is tight and fit, especially the middle section of the sneaker


3. The overall sense of wearing is strong, and the overall texture of the sneakers is excellent.


When you get used to Adidas Copa Sense+ soccer cleats, I believe it will definitely become a weapon for you to touch the audience!