Adidas X 19.1 TF football shoes  review

Although the overall upgrade from X 18+ to Adidas X 19.1 TF football shoes can only be regarded as a small change, there will be changes after the change, and where the difference is, we can only use actual combat to speak. For this reason, the old editor started with Adidas' current "Hardwired Pack" X 19+ FG football boots. They look good and match the team's jerseys. It also happened to test the difference between the new X flagship level!

Adidas X 19.1 TF technical analysis

Adidas X 19+ football shoes is said to be a minor upgrade, where is the change? The most notable is the upper. The Skeletalweave woven layer originally used in the "bottom" of the X 18+ upper has been replaced by X-LAYSKIN, a support fabric with a hollow bone structure that is soft, fit, and tough. Such an upgrade brings about an improvement in wearing comfort. The second point is that the support grid lines of the X 18+ upper have changed into parallel woven lines, which are wrapped by the outer side of the sneaker like the inner side and run through the entire upper, which effectively improves the support and stability of the entire upper. Finally, Adidas also adjusted the film on the outer layer of the upper to make it softer and more ball-like. The three changes have created a new feeling of the X 19+ football boots, and also brought about an improvement in actual combat performance.

Adidas X 19.1 TF try-on experience

As a speed boot, lightweight, wrapping, support and stability, and outsole grip are indispensable. There are some elements in it, which can be clearly perceived when trying on. First of all, let’s talk about the size first. The adjustment range of X 19+ does not include the shoe last, so this laceless boots are still half a size larger. The old editor who usually wears JP270 only needs to wear JP265. With the correct size selected, the new shoes feel great on my feet.

   The new X-LAYSKIN technology upper is thinner and softer than the previous generation Skeletaweave upper, and the change of the inner material brings a better fit, plus the rounded toe cap and the right shoe compartment width, comfortable A new level of flexibility, wrap and the connection between the shoe and the foot. I remember that when I reviewed the X 18+ last year, the vamp was like a pair of socks. Now the upper design of the adidas X 19.1 TF football shoes is stronger than the previous generation. This time I have no adjectives.

Foot adaptability is still the same problem. EZers with normal feet are fine wearing Adidas X 19.1 TF, but for players with special feet, they need to try it on to know. Adidas uses high-elasticity and high-toughness artificial material to make the laceless locking area of ​​the instep of the sneaker. The advantage is that it fits well, is tight, and has excellent locking. The disadvantage is that it is not friendly to players with high insteps and wider lower ankle joints. It will be more difficult to wear. The second point is that the width of the shoe compartment is still there. The previous "assassin feet" wearing Adidas X 19.1 TF will appear to have excess space in the shoe compartment, resulting in a situation where the package is not perfect and the stability is insufficient. Therefore, the Adidas X 19.1 TF is also a pair of sneakers that are more picky, which is why more players in professional competitions choose the X 19.1 with a similar vamp design, with shoelaces, more assured!

The outsole of the Adidas X 19.1 TF football shoes is nothing to pick from, from the shape of the spikes to the distribution, to the support stability and overall weight, it is very much in line with the requirements of a pair of speed shoes.

Adidas X 19.1 TF football shoes summary:

1. The size of Adidas X 19.1 TF is still too large, you should pay attention when purchasing (usually JP270 should buy JP265);

2. It is suitable for normal and wide feet, but players with high insteps should try it on; at the same time, it should be noted that players with thin feet also need to try it on;

3. Comfortable to wear, light, fit, and one-piece, the foot effect is better than X 18+.