This Nike Premier 2 is great for when the pitch is a little wet, or when playing on softer pitches like natural grass. The shoe features fixed and removable studs for great grip even on softer pitches, and its anti-clogging design helps prevent mud from sticking to the sole, allowing you to fully concentrate on the game.

The upper of the Premier 2 is made of kangaroo leather, which has a very comfortable wrapping feeling and also fits the feet. The touch (feel to the ball) of the shoe is very good and allows you to perform at your best when dribbling or shooting. A folded tongue design covers the laces, providing a smoother upper to aid shooting.

Compared to many modern football boots, the black version of the Nike Premier 2 is very understated, and there are some more visually striking colors available.

Nike Premier 2 Spike type: FG, SG

Nike Premier 2 Recommended Reasons:

  1. Perfect for wet or softer surfaces
  2. excellent grip
  3. The package feels great
  4. Good touch to the ball
  5. Small summary:

Summarize: The Nike Premier 2 is a football boot designed for softer natural grass or wet grass with great grip, great stability, a comfortable upper, a good wrap and a very satisfying touch.