Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro TF football boots The Nike Vapor 14 Pro TF is actually quite good in terms of configuration, and it is enough for the sub-high-end level. The upper is a multi-layer composite structure, the inner layer is a mesh fabric, and the outer layer is supported by HyperScreen technology mesh, which is relatively balanced in terms of comfort, ball touch, stability, and fit, and the entire weight is easier to come by. Some. A little upgrade in the configuration is the outsole of this small-court sneaker. The outsole uses the previous generation's flagship broken nail outsole. At the same time, Nike also added Air Zoom cushioning technology to the midsole. Therefore, in terms of configuration, the Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro TF is now higher than the previous generation Vapor 13 Pro TF.

  • Try on Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro TF

The first thing to try on new shoes is to determine the size. The tested Vapor 14 Pro TF football shoes are EU42.5/JP270, the size is very correct, you can buy them according to the normal size. When putting on the foot, first of all, the fabric elasticity of the instep is relatively general, and the extensibility is insufficient. It may be more difficult to wear wide feet and high insteps. But as long as it can be worn, the width of the forefoot of the sneaker and the wrapping of the instep are no problem, and the compatibility of the foot shape is quite good. The low-cut shoe opening is also good for wide ankles. Coupled with the sufficient foam filling in the heel shoe compartment, the comfort, wrapping and integration of the whole pair of sneakers are very good, even with the previous generation flagship. Compared with the TF-level TF, it is not inferior, and even feels more follow-up and lighter.

  • actual combat experience

Now the Mercurial series no longer has the flagship small field studded boots, so no matter how much you like the old style, now you have to adapt to the Zoom Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro TF football boots with new materials and new technology. From the top to the actual situation, the actual players can rest assured that it is no worse than the previous Mercurial Superfly Elite TF priced at 1000+.

First of all, the brand-new Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro TF does not need to be worn at all. The length, width of the sneakers, the wrapping state of the instep, etc., are in a very coordinated state, as long as it is not an extreme foot type, the actual combat of the new Vapor 14 Pro TF won't be much of a problem. The entire upper has very good comfort, flexibility and support when running, touching the ball, and exerting force. This is the benefit and advantage brought by the composite material upper of the shoe. The mesh material on the inside has very good comfort and breathability, which is the key to ensuring the wearing feeling and wrapping of the sneakers. The rubber mesh coverage under the blessing of the outer HyperScreen technology brings better stability, support and physical assistance to the mesh upper. The seemingly unremarkable combination of two materials has achieved a sense of fusion that many high-end shoes have been unable to achieve. Sometimes the complexity is simplified, less is more, and the effect is unexpected.

In addition, the thickness of the entire vamp is also relatively appropriate, and the touch of the ball is very real in actual combat, but there is a lot of wrapping, support and buffering that should be there. Although the previous generation Elite flagship TF used flying woven uppers, but with the cooperation of fabric and film, the first few games still need to adapt to the thickness of the upper, and the new Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro TF does not need it .

The comfort of Nike Zoom Vapor 14 Pro TF is high, the fit is very good, and the function is guaranteed. As mentioned before, the upper brings a real touch to the ball, so that details such as passing and dribbling can be well controlled. Moreover, the locking of the mesh support of the vamp, the support performance, makes the stability and fit of the shoes throughout the whole game, whether it is acceleration, emergency stop or force passing, shooting, there is no problem with the vamp, it should play a role in All of them play a good role, especially suitable for attacking players with fast speed and good ball control in small games.

The performance of the outsole of the sneaker in the game is remarkable, because the stud design of the outsole is almost the same as that of the old model, so its grip, stability and durability on the artificial grass field are well known and understood. approved. At the same time, Nike has added Air Zoom cushioning to the heel of the midsole on the new generation of boots. Although the physical sensation on the court is not obvious, Nike Zoom Vapor 14 Pro TF is always better to increase the cushioning technology than before. The feeling is small, but the Zoom cushioning is definitely It works silently.

Through the actual combat, I did not find any obvious flaws in the Zoom Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro TF football shoes. They have performed very well in all aspects, and are worthy of its positioning and the current price on the market. Even if there is no flagship TF now, it is a perfect replacement with ta.

Zoom Vapor 14 Pro TF Summary

Although there is no Elite flagship TF, the new generation of Nike Zoom Vapor 14 Pro TF brought by Nike did not disappoint or even surprise. Whether it is configuration or performance, it is very competitive among the small field boots of the same level on the market. Even if Nike takes out the Elite TF boots now, I am afraid it will still lose in sales.